Hathershaw College

Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

It is always a pleasure to hear that our students move on and become successful young adults. Please find some of their success stories as we celebrate their continued success.

George Holland

"From my first day at Hathershaw I felt so supported and I have so many wonderful memories from my time there. The staff always seemed to really care about the students and genuinely tried their best for them. I always knew that there was somebody to talk to if I had any problems, even if it wasn’t school related. The lessons taught were engaging and helped me to develop my confidence both in and out of the classroom. A lot of the things I have achieved have been because of this school preparing me for the future. Hathershaw didn’t only help me to achieve some amazing results, it also raised my aspirations and supported me in all aspects of my life through school. I went on to study at Oldham Sixth Form College then the University of Manchester and I am now a qualified Audiologist working in the private healthcare sector. Thank you Hathershaw."

Lauren Tesz

From my first day at Hathershaw College I always knew what career path I wanted to take and what I needed to achieve in school to get me there. I always felt supported by the staff and I felt they pushed you to reach your full potential. After leaving Hathershaw, I attended Oldham College and then secured my place at Edgehill University where my passion for teaching become even more real. I graduated with a degree in BA (Hons) Primary Mathematics Education with QTS receiving an Upper Second-Class Honours. I always loved the idea of being a teacher one day and I can say all the hard work over the years has paid off as I am now in my dream job.

Serat-E Ali, BSc (Hons), MSc.

"Hathershaw has been providing a high quality of education for numerous years. Former students like myself have graduated from this prestigious institution and are globally recognised in their respective fields. The school not only provided me with a solid foundation for further education but some of my fondest memories. Although I graduated from Hathershaw over 9 years ago, the passion, dedication and high level of care demonstrated by the staff has been imprinted in my memory. After leaving the Hathershaw family I went on to complete my A-levels, received a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science and subsequently I won a scholarship to study a masters in Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology. I am currently completing a PhD in Immunopharmacology at the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science within the University of Liverpool and hope to work in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist. For sure I owe my career so far to the gold standard of education provided by this fantastic school and its wonderful staff at the heart of Oldham."

Dimple Panchani

"Throughout my time at Hathershaw I truly benefitted from exceptional teachers, who were so passionate about my learning. The staff were motivating, engaging and so incredibly supportive in helping students to achieve. Not only do staff at Hathershaw prepare students for the next stage in life, they genuinely care about their happiness and wellbeing. I left Hathershaw with some pretty great results, but even greater memories, life lessons and aspirations. Having graduated from King’s College London last year, I’m now working towards my goal of becoming a Psychology teacher. I hope to instil success and good values in the younger generation as my teachers at Hathershaw did with me."

Natasha Ruqayyah

"I found my passion for Philosophy during my time at Hathershaw. The teachers assisted me greatly in developing this fascination, all by engaging in profound conversation with me whenever I had an interesting thought. Our school librarian often recommended several engaging books that I could read and suggested things I could get involved in. My love for charity and volunteer work was also honed during my amazing time at Hathershaw with one of the pastoral staff encouraging me to get involved in a plethora of activities during and outside of school hours. I am forever thankful to all the staff at Hathershaw for allowing me to develop and find my passion at my own pace and encouraging me along the way.

I’m currently at Oldham Sixth Form College, studying to achieve 3 A-levels in English Language, Philosophy and Sociology with an AS level in Drama and Theatre Arts. In the future, I would like to study Philosophy at University, particularly Theology and Religion. I’d also love to work in the charity sector as that is my other passion."