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Core Physical Education (PE)

Core Physical Education (PE)


Curriculum Intent

  • Ensure students are taught to be responsible, respectful and determined to lead a Healthy Active Lifestyle and be as ambitious as the National curriculum for physical education through team and individual games, athletics, trampolining, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities to promote healthy active lives here and beyond Hathershaw.
  • Develop competent fitness levels, physical skills, knowledge, rules and tactics allowing students to continue to be physically active outside of their educational setting where health is worse than England’s average
  • Develop employability skills for example initiative, organisation, adaptability, communication, problem solving and team work highlighting that these are transferable across multiple subjects and settings to students who are exposed to a town economy of low skilled and low wage enterprise.
  • Inspire and motivate older students (KS4) by allowing the students democratically to tailor their own curriculum each year depending on the most favoured activities
  • To encourage a high level of participation in physical activity which reflects the Hathershaw community inspiring students to succeed in different levels of competition: Level 1 competitions in lessons and Level 2 competitions linked to the Oldham schools competition calendar.
  • Broaden the opportunities of all students through extra-curricular experiences, trips, visits and being coached by certified national governing body coaches
  • To provide an opportunity to increase life expectancy and reduce mental health problems by inspiring a body of performers and leaders who can organise; drills which will improve performance, competitions including participating in a number of different roles, share their tactical knowledge changing this when and where appropriate and justifying these changes, therefore allowing students the opportunity to continue being active outside of their educational setting.


Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview KS3 - COVID-19 Restricted

Curriculum Overview KS4 - COVID-19 Restricted

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Medium Term Plans 

Year 7: Fitness Rounders Netball Football Cricket Basketball |  Dodgeball

Year 8: Cricket Rounders Netball Football Fitness Basketball |  Dodgeball |  Athletics

Year 9: Netball Rounders Cricket Basketball Football Fitness |  Dodgeball |  Athletics

Year 10: Football Cricket Rounders | Netball |  Fitness Dodgeball Basketball |  Athletics

Year 11: Football Y11: Cricket Y11: Rounders Y11: Netball Y11: Fitness Y11: Dodgeball Y11: Basketball


PE SMSC Statement


In Core PE, SMSC and British Values are promoted as an integral part of the subject. The subject naturally provides students with a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about the world around them fostering a culture of enjoyment and fascination about a plethora of activities. As an example, PE allows students to use a range of social skills that can be developed in a variety of different situations. Students have the opportunity to mix in a social capacity with their peers from an array of different religions, ethnic and socio economic backgrounds. Students in PE have the opportunity to participate in many different social settings, including by volunteering through our Sports Leaders programme and extensive extra-curricular programme to cooperating well with others as part of a team.

Physical Education is embedded with the fundamental British Values and students have an acceptance and positive engagement of these values throughout their PE lessons. Democracy is demonstrated by the nominations and democratic voting process that has established a school sports council, with each year group having a female and male representative. Rule of Law is entwined with the rules of all the sports the students participate in. Students across the Key stages are given the opportunity in the role of match officials to enforce the rules of the games and the participants to act in accordance with these rules to ensure the sport is played in a safe and fair manner. This is particularly prominent at Key Stage 4 where the curriculum is planned around the Roles and Responsibilities of both leaders and officials. Lessons are planned to allow students to be creative and express their skills and knowledge, linking kindly to their individual liberties.

Physical Education gives every student the opportunity to develop skills and attitudes that they can take with them in to all areas of their educational and home lives. The level of co-operation with team sports, the development of leaders and the respect and tolerance of their peers and staff alike stands the students in a positive position to fully contribute in modern Britain. Students are provided with regular opportunities to self-reflect through both Key Stages where analysis of their own performance and that of others plays an integral role.

Students participating in PE at Hathershaw develop a high level of social conscience. Through PE, students are taught the difference between right and wrong, they are taught the rules of the games/sports they play and are encouraged to deploy these high moral values through all areas of their lives. Physical Education allows students to express their own views on moral and ethical issues, for example, the question is often posed regarding the use of prohibited drugs in sport to enhance performance. Students are comfortable sharing these views discussions are often formulated based on differing viewpoints.

The cultural and spiritual aspects of physical education are threaded through the curriculum. Students have had opportunities to play sports not necessarily linked with the sporting culture of Britain, but games such as Kabaddi have allowed students to experience different cultures and gain an understanding of the heritage of others. The PE Faculty runs annual trips to Professional Football (Male and Female) and Netball Games that allow the students to experience different sporting and cultural opportunities. Thus allowing students to be more imaginative and creative in their PE lessons when given the responsibility of creating their own practises and developing their own strategies and tactics.